SCOPE CAM: 400 Yard AR15 Target Shooting

Shooting an AR15 using the scope cam; targets setup at approximately 410 yards. The camcorder is securely mounted to the stock of the rifle, just behind the charging handle. Shooting with this setup is quite a challenge, as I have to use the camcorder viewfinder for aiming. The viewfinder screen is roughly the size of 4 small postage stamps, and provides nowhere near the quality resolution that you experience with a decent scope. I’m so close to the viewfinder, I’m not even wearing my glasses. Rifle for the session is a Bushmaster Varminter in .223, topped off with a Leupold Mark III scope. The Remington 55 grain accutip is the load of choice.

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25 Responses to “SCOPE CAM: 400 Yard AR15 Target Shooting”

  1. smithpwn

    Mar 28. 2010

    very good video. i’d like to see how you’d shoot with the camcorder on it. has to be difficult expesally that you have to do a reach around to pull the trigger. lol and i could tell when you’d pull the trigger. rifle moved to the right and up alot. over,5/5. five stars to ya mate =D

  2. GADeerHunter1

    Mar 28. 2010


    He said that because he just took the safety off…

  3. ViperVenom16

    Mar 28. 2010

    sweet video send more

  4. tnoutdoors9

    Mar 28. 2010

    @ kr25flyn

    At 1:07, yes, the safety is OFF. The gun IS NOT LOADED. Visit any gun store and you will find numerous empty guns on the shelf with the safety OFF.

    The gun WAS LOADED at 1:51, when you begin to see the scope view. Why? Because I cannot pull the charging handle with the camera mounted on the stock behind the scope, so I have to load the gun, safety on, then mount the camera. As standish92k pointed out, the safety came OFF prior to actually shooting.

  5. tnoutdoors9

    Mar 28. 2010

    @ bman65478900

    Camera positioned in the “eye relief zone”, behind the scope. The screen is to the left of the camcorder, and small as video screens go nowadays. These targets appeared as dots, much smaller than just simply viewing through the scope. I am really shooting from an unnatural, unrelaxed position with this setup.

  6. yourleftnut1

    Mar 28. 2010

    i am jealous.. nice

  7. dbtrackz33

    Mar 28. 2010

    GREAT video! Awesome you can shoot that far using the camcorder thru the scope. Well done!

  8. standish92k

    Mar 28. 2010

    stop trying to find peoples errors and call them. This man seems to be just slightly familiar with weapons figuring hes scope camming targets at 400yards and went through the hassle to explain how safe his land is to shoot on. I would assume the safety was off there becasue the rifle was decocked from storage. He clearly took the safety off around 3 min when he went to fire(when the weapon was actually loaded – and cocked because so)

    good video TNoudoors, dont mind the sillies like this guy

  9. Fuck3288

    Mar 28. 2010

    @kr25flyn theres no clip in it. Shutup you titty baby.

  10. Sanzaru123

    Mar 28. 2010

    your respiration is very good for a supported position, just need a little more patience

  11. jemen9

    Mar 28. 2010

    HARAY the gun nazis are here…

  12. MeyerLink89

    Mar 28. 2010

    that gun cam is sweet.

  13. kr25flyn

    Mar 28. 2010

    1:07 safety is OFF it should be on at all times unless when about to fire!!!!!

  14. bman65478900

    Mar 28. 2010

    Pretty good shooting, that jug seemed to be hard to hit. Were you looking through a camera in front of the scope? Good job compensating 4-5 inch down and 4-5 inch right. 5/5 on video quality. 4/5 marksmenship.

  15. baronofhawkland

    Mar 29. 2010

    1000 yards…going for gold I see.
    for a 1000, I’d probably beef up the caliber though, and probably make the switch to bolt action. Because though the rifle is only as good as the scope you put on it, a 5.56 is not gonna reach out to a 1000 accurately.

  16. tnoutdoors9

    Mar 29. 2010

    @ csfreak89

    It’s not a large tract, but in the family for decades. Some of the adjoining lots could have their own zip code…..and I suspect it will stay that way for a long time.

  17. tnoutdoors9

    Mar 29. 2010

    @ baronofhawkland

    I actually agree with all of that. I think I tried mounting the scope without risers and don’t remember why it didn’t work. As for the scope itself, I did not do much research on the purchase, and at that time, never imagined shooting at distances greater than 200 yds. Presently, I’m not in the market for another upper, but a new scope would be nice…something good for 1000 yds.

  18. csfreak89

    Mar 29. 2010

    your family owns such a huge land??

  19. baronofhawkland

    Mar 29. 2010

    you need a higher power scope and a heavier barrel

    I’d go with a 50x at 400, just for less eye strain.

    And couldn’t help but notice that you’ve got rail raisers on. In my experience, you wanna put as little distance between the scope and the gun as possible to prevent the scope from shifting during fire as it emits vibrations. shifts are microscopic, but they have effect down range, especially with semi-autos.

    Than again that’s just me…don’t mean to tell you your business…

    Cool vid.

  20. SPSalimian

    Mar 29. 2010

    very cool video, challenging shots. and good verbalization of your to3 rules (know your target and whats behind it, saftey on till ready to shoot ect..) keep it up

  21. hoegen

    Mar 29. 2010

    Awesome video. Love how you take your precautions, and not just another gun-nut with more trigger-itch than brains.

  22. AlienProduce

    Mar 29. 2010

    You are a great my friend!

  23. TripleOG1991

    Mar 29. 2010

    man that looks so fun i wish i can do that

  24. tnoutdoors9

    Mar 29. 2010

    @ hossjohnson360

    I did sight-in at 400 yards couple of years ago and keep all my settings in a book, including type of load. I’m trying to maintain a working chart of various loads out to 700 yards, further if possible.

    This scope does not have battle turrets, if that’s what you are asking.

  25. tnoutdoors9

    Mar 29. 2010

    @ mreisma

    All the way to 14 x and set for 400 yds